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Queen THICK, AMAZING FUTON w/gorgeous FOLDING FRAME, dark wood, beautiful! - $300

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Date: 2005-02-21, 2:07PM EST

This has been sold. Thanks for looking! I'm leaving this page up because I'm proud of it, though.

An ode to my futon:

O Futon, you are the light of my nights.
When I come home, drunk from a night out,
You are the solace of my dreams.
You are so squishy,
So firm,
So beautifully pliant;
You do not pack down in the middle like other crap futons I used to have;
You stay resiliant, bouyant, and luxurious
After night
After night.

Futon, I have only had you for a year and a half.
It saddens me that I must give you up.
But, O Futon, I am moving to California!
And sadly,

I cannot take you with me.

It breaks my heart, O Futon, that you and I
Must part ways.
I hope that someone as appreciative of you as am I
Will come adopt you from me,
Make a place in their home for you,
Relish you,
As I have done.

O Futon.
I am sad to see you go.

This futon, in case you haven't yet guessed, is the best thing about my life in DC (with the exception of my wonderful boyfriend, who reads me bedtime stories on it). It's 8" thick, made of foam core (so it doesn't pack down -- I explicitly asked about that when I got it, for $300 for the mattress alone, from Z Furniture on P Street last year), and is the best thing I've ever slept on (again, with the possible exception of my boyfriend).

The frame is also perfect -- it's a gorgeous futon frame I bought new a year and a half ago for $200, and folds into a couch (though really, the mattress is so thick that it takes two people (well, at least two people my size) to fold it up). It's of dark wood, and looks great, assembles and disassembles into easily moveable pieces, and is really sturdy.

I WISH I could take these to California with me when I move on Wednesday! But unfortunately, it would cost more to ship than it would to re-buy.


I'm asking $300, OBO. This is a really, really good price -- as I said, I paid $500 for the whole assembly new, only 1.5 years ago, and it's worth its weight in gold. Just think about it -- you spend 1/3 - 1/4 of your life on your bed, so you may as well invest in it!

That said, it really, really has to go NOW, so I'm open to offers. But $300 is a great price.

Please call Nori at 608-345-3824 and leave a message, or email me.


the frame

futon with mattress

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