m a e n a d . n e t


I've undergone a transformation between sophomore spring of college and now (at current writing, that would be a recent graduate). Slowly but surely, I have become a geek. I speak geekese and frighten my other friends; I install Linux on everything that moves (well, not yet, but I aspire to) ... What can I say, I'm a geek.

In that light, here are some things that, if you are a geek, too, you might find interesting / useful:

external links:

  • Using Knoppix (or TRB) to do a chroot'ed Debian install. For this, you'll need the base debs tarball from Potato. They're linked off that document, but they're also locally here.
  • SpamGourmet! -- disposable email addresses that you need to be able to receive email at a couple or times, but no more.
  • Bug Me Not! -- logs you in to sites that require registration.
  • TinyURL -- the coolest thing since mapquest decided to have 600+-character links. Takes a huge URL and provides a 20-ish character URL that points to it. SOOO cool. Check it out:
    Enter a long URL to make tiny: